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Getting your business ready

Companies preparing to IPO are now expected to provide detailed information and evidence of the role ESG plays within their organisation as part of the filing process.

We've worked with clients including Moonpig and British visual effects and animation studios, DNEG, to help them mobilise and deliver these requirements within the prerequisite short and often intense time periods.

We become a seamless part of your team with our support often covering the following requirements:


  • Investor prospectus narratives

  • ESG strategy, metrics and measures

  • Governance protocols

  • Policies and procedures

  • Compliance checklist

  • Initial and annual reporting


We helped Moonpig prepare for an IPO:

"Preparing for an IPO is fast-paced and chaotic at the best of times – Jo at Green & Good was not only up to the task, but a joy to work with during the whole process. Jo really knows her stuff! She ensured we had all our ducks in a row when it came to developing our ESG strategy, reporting and communications in line with our IPO. She was responsive, professional and good fun to work from start to finish, even in the face of tight deadlines. We couldn’t have done it without her."

Sasha Watson, Moonpig.

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