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Setting a strategy for postive impact

Business can no longer afford to ignore climate change – stakeholders, shareholders, employees and customers are demanding transparency in their reporting. They want to work with, invest in and buy from responsible and truly sustainable companies without the fear of greenwashing.


Each bespoke strategy we develop begins with our Discovery Phase. Using peer analysis and a thorough review of your existing documentation, we gain an understanding of the operations, motivations and what makes your company tick.  


We provide our clients with:

  • Specific direction for your bespoke sustainability strategy

  • An outline of your business ambition, goals, targets and key activities, including environmental and social projects

  • Governance structures


We created a strategy for:

"Working with Jo at Green & Good was an absolute pleasure and she was the perfect sustainability professional to work with. She understands the challenges and pitfalls businesses face when it comes to developing and implementing an ESG strategy - and went the extra mile to ensure that it would work for the whole business. In addition to engaging our executives and setting clear goals, Jo worked with the wider 7IM team, helping to roll out our strategy more widely and to raise our awareness of ESG and key social and environmental issues throughout the business. She was diligent throughout and kept us informed about new and upcoming regulations on the horizon that we needed to be aware of. Jo’s passion for sustainability really shone through, explained things clearly for all to understand and helped educate the entire business to get them excited out the journey ahead."

Francesca Seal, Seven Investment Management.

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