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  • Jo Goddard

Sustainability and Covid-19

We’re all thinking about adapting to the new normal - the post-Covid 19 landscape. For my profession, this means thinking about what corporate sustainability looks like in a post-Covid world.

There seems to be a general consensus that we need to build back better- there’s even a hashtag dedicated for it called #buildbackbetter. It essentially means that we believe businesses with sustainability at the heart will be stronger coming out of the crisis. Indeed, The Aldersgate Group, which includes some of the UK’s leading companies and NGOs, have produced a paper on what they think needs to happen now to build back better - including upskilling for a low-carbon economy and improving low cost public transport.

As sustainability professionals we’ve implemented sustainability principles for exactly the reason of being resilient through a crisis - the crisis of climate change. We would be wise to see Covid-19 as a test of our resilience and of a sign of what’s to come if we don’t take action now.

At Green & Good we don’t have all the answers – no one can yet – but we can work with you to think through the areas of your business needing attention as we come out of lockdown. These range from the operational such as - how do I account for employees working at home in my carbon footprint? - to the strategic - what part does purpose and sustainability play in my business strategy?

We’re here to help, just like always.

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